What is accreditation?

Both at national and international level, purchasers require guarantees about the quality of goods and services supplied to them, since the variety on offer is nowadays huge. Accordingly, a supplier can have its product or service objectively assessed or tested by a laboratory, certification or inspection body. This can be done throughout any field of work imaginable, including construction, energy, environment, drinking water, health and transport, to name a few.


Good result? Statement of conformity!

If the results are good, the assessing body provides the product or service with a statement of conformity. This statement is usually in the form of a certificate or a report. Accordingly, an assessing body is known as a conformity-assessment body. It is important for this body to be competent, since only then is the statement of conformity of use and reliable.


Supervision of the conformity-assessment body.

An accreditation body assesses both the management system and the technical competency of the conformity-certifying body. In addition the accreditation body exercises supervision to guarantee the impartiality and expertise of the conformity-certifying body.

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Accreditation certificate

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