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  • Calibration and recalibration of sieves – Infralab BV

    Calibration and recalibration of sieves

    Test sieves are used in research and production areas in various industries qualified as a reference piece. To ensure correct and reliable sieve results, calibration of new and re calibration of used test sieves is an essential basis for reproducibility and accuracy.

    Infralab offers for new and used test sieves with steel metal wire cloth or steel perforated plate with square holes a calibration and re-calibration service. During the calibration process the sieves is optically measured, in accordance with the technical instructions and test conditions written in the standard ISO 3310-1 or ISO 3310-2, with our modern calibrated optical measuring system.

    Video: 63 µm sieve mesh calibration

    After calibration all relevant information of the sieve is written in a calibration certificate.

    • Number of measured aperture.
    • Values for the average aperture in both the warp and weft direction.
    • Tabular presentation of the aperture.

    If you send used test sieves to Interlab for the recalibration, please note the following:

    • The sieves must be cleaned *.
    • The sieves must free from any contaminations.

    * Infralab offers for sieves with steel metal wire cloth a cleaning service.
    The test sieves are then cleaned in an ultrasonic bath up to Ø 500 mm.

    Video: 63 µm sieve mesh polluted

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